Argotec Grout 50-150

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Argotec Grout 50-150 is a fluid, non-shrinking fluid mortar prepared with cement, special additives and selected aggregates to provide high fluidity without segregation and high self-levelling and backfilling capacity, as well as high initial and final resistance and excellent adherence.
Argotec Grout 50-150 contains no substances that are aggressive for concrete or steel.




Data Sheet


Argotec Grout 50 is suitable for the following tasks and applications:
Machinery bed anchors and backfilling.
Anchors for piers or precast-concrete items
Levelling beam and bridge supports
Concrete repairs


The approximate yield is 22 kg/m2 when applying a thickness of 10 mm.


25 kg sacks (1000 kg pallet).


In the original container in a covered area, for up to 12 months.


Supports should be firm, clean and as rough as possible, free of dust, paint, oil, formwork remover, etc. Moisten until saturated. On particularly absorbent supports epoxy joint primer should be used.

Instructions for use

1. Mix mechanically with clean water until a fluid consistency is achieved, 11% (approx. 2.75 l/sack).
2. Mix thoroughly until fluid and lump-free. Can be applied by pumping, by injection methods or by hand (with the assistance of a rod). For filling under plates, an air outlet should be prepared to allow the air to escape as the grout fills the gap.
3. To prepare ARGOTEC GROUT 150, mix two sacks of ARGOTEC GROUT 50 and one sack of coarse aggregate.
ARGOTEC GROUT 50 can be used at thicknesses of approx. 15–50 mm.
ARGOTEC GROUT 150 can be used at thicknesses of approx. 50–150 mm.



Do not apply onto gypsum-based surfaces.
Do not apply at extreme temperatures (below 5 ºC or above 35 ºC).
Protect from wind and direct sunlight.

Technical Data

Mixing water approx. (%): 11
Apparent density of powder: 2.1
Apparent density when fresh: 2.3
Mix lifetime (mins): 30
Workability (runoff 30 s) (mm): 600
Chloride-ion content (%): 0.007
Elasticity module (GPa): ≥20
Capillary absorption (Kgm²h-½): ≤0.5
Adhesion (Mpa): ≥2.0
Freeze/thaw thermal compatibility (Mpa): ≥2.0
Crushing strength (N/mm²): ≥45
Free expansion (%): 0.6

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