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Argos Derivados del Cemento

About us

ARGOS Derivates of Cement We are makers of mortars in bulk, and packaging, adhesives, ceramics, plasters, repair mortars and precast concrete. We belong to DANOSA and mainly develop our activity in East Andalussia. We have established presence in the Canarian Islands, Levante y West Andalussia.



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Argotec Repairs R3

Argotec Repairs R3

Most frequent pathologies

 Something fishy

Sometimes our single-layer product, as with those of any other manufacturer, may be responsible for a certain pathology. It doesn’t happen often, but it can happen. As we mentioned in our previous entry, some topics make us jump to attention while others take the insistence of our colleagues from the sales force to get us moving. We understand that. Customers have to be attended to, even though all the evidence points anywhere other than to the single-layer product as being to blame for the mess.

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Padul, mammoth country

The first remains of the Padul mammoth were found in the peat in 1973. Since then, everything has revolved around a find that has put the town firmly on the map of world palaeontology. Before you ask what possible link there could be between this branch of science and a mortar manufacturer, we should remind you that we have a highly thixotropic mortar that has been specially designed for decorative work.


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