Concrete repairs

Argotec Fluid Repairs R4

Argotec Fluid Repairs has been formulated with a mix of cements, selected aggregates, polymer resins, fibres and additives, to provide appropriate fluidity, excellent adherence and minimal shrinkage, as well as fast-developing resistance and fast drying.


Argotec Plugging

Argotec Plugging is an ultrafast mortar for plugging water routes, prepared with special cements, selected aggregates and special resins. It has excellent resistance and adherence, with no need for a bridging joint. It is chloride-free and can be applied in contact with reinforced concrete.

Argotec Repairs R3

Argotec Repairs is a single-component mortar with high mechanical strength and medium elasticity modulus, with offset shrinkage, for the structural repair of concrete parts, compliant with the standard UNE EN 1504-3 as a class R3 mortar.

Argotec Retouching R2

Argotec Retouching R2 is a fine mortar prepared with special resins, cement and appropriate-sized aggregate, suitable for all kinds of surface repairs to damaged concrete, pillars, etc. Hardens without cracking and has good adherence.

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