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Padul, mammoth country


The first remains of the Padul mammoth were found in the peat in 1973. Since then, everything has revolved around a find that has put the town firmly on the map of world palaeontology. Before you ask what possible link there could be between this branch of science and a mortar manufacturer, we should remind you that we have a highly thixotropic mortar that has been specially designed for decorative work.



With considerable skill and a mortar specially designed for decorative work, our clients Salvador Molina and José López accepted the challenge that the town council had laid down. The idea was to use the hairy mammoth as the theme for the design of a new street on the outskirts of the town. Parapets, images, the mammoth, imitations of fossils also found in the peat … and everything else necessary to create "Mammoth Street".



Manufacturers of mortar — and, indeed, of almost any other product — have known for some tome that our products have as many uses as the user’s imagination will allow, but when some of products practically come to life, we tend to look nervously at the laboratory and wonder what on earth they’re going to come up with next.



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