Argotec Retouching R2

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Argotec Retouching is a fine mortar prepared with special resins, cement and appropriate-sized aggregate, suitable for all kinds of surface repairs to damaged concrete, pillars, etc. Hardens without cracking and has good adherence.


Grey and White.


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Argotec Retouching is suitable for the following tasks and applications:
Repairing and levelling concrete surfaces, pillars, etc.
Levelling supports before tiling.
Fine rendering and facings on concrete surfaces.
Touching up all kinds of precast parts.


The approximate yield is 1.7 kg/m2 when applying a thickness of 1mm.


20 kg sacks (800 kg pallet).


In the original container in a covered area, for up to 12 months.


Supports should be firm, clean and as rough as possible, free of dust, paint, oil, formwork remover, etc. It is advisable always to wet the support before application.

Instructions for use

1. Mix mechanically with clean water until an even, plastic, lump-free mixture is achieved, 24% (approx. 4.8 l/sack).
2. Wet the support but without allowing pools to form.
3. Apply with a mortarboard or trowel. To fill holes larger than 5 mm in size, we recommend first using ARGOTEC REPAIRS, then smoothing off with Argotec Retouching.


Do not apply onto gypsum-based surfaces.
Do not apply onto supports or parts with poor or zero absorption.
Do not apply at extreme temperatures (below 5 ºC or above 35 ºC).
Protect from wind and direct sunlight.

Do not remix or add water once the product has started to harden.

Technical Data

Mixing water approx. (%): 24
Apparent powder density (g/cm³): 1.2
Apparent paste density (g/cm³): 1.7
Applicable thickness: 0-3
Maturing time (mins): approx. 3
Mix lifetime (mins): approx. 30
Capillary absorption (kg/m-2h-0.5) 0.02
Permeability to water vapour: Class III
Direct tensile strength (N/mm²): ≥0.8
Permeability to CO2 (m): S>50
Crushing strength (N/mm²): ≥15.0

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