Argotec Thermoacoustic

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Argotec Thermoacoustic is an impermeable adhesive mortar prepared with cement, selected aggregates, synthetic resins and additives to provide excellent adherence, plasticity and extraordinary impermeability.




Data sheet


Agotec Themoacoustic is particularly suitable for fixing mineral-wool insulation panels to walls. It has been specially designed for rendering, waterproofing, insulating and soundproofing walls with an air chamber.
Argotec Thermoacoustic is applied by mechanical spraying onto the wall.


The approximate yield of this mortar is 7 kg/m2 when applying a thickness of 5 mm.


25 kg sacks (1000 kg pallet).


In the original container in a covered area, for up to 12 months.


The support should be a clean and dry brick, concrete-block or mortar-faced wall in good condition. (To apply on smooth concrete, use ARGOREV JOINT primer first.)

Instructions for use

1. Mix with water, manually or mechanically, until a fluid consistency is achieved (23% water) approx. 5.75 l/sack).
2. Apply the material onto the wall by mechanical spraying or by hand, to a thickness of 3ľ6 mm.
3. Fit the mineral-wood panels onto the wall rendered with ARGOTEC THERMOACOUSTIC adhesive.


Do not apply at extreme temperatures (below 5 ║C or above 35 ║C).

Technical Data

Mixing water approx.(%): 23
Grain size (mm) 0/0.5
Apparent density of powder: 1.4
Apparent density when fresh: 1.7
Open time (mins) 30
Bending strength (N/mm▓): ≥2.0
Crushing strength (N/mm▓): ≥7.5
Adherence on ceramic brick (N/mm▓): ≥0.5
Capillarity (g/dm▓minŻ): 0.5
Reaction to fire: A1

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