Argotec Plugging

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Argotec Plugging is an ultrafast mortar for plugging water routes, prepared with special cements, selected aggregates and special resins. It has excellent resistance and adherence, with no need for a bridging joint. It is chloride-free and can be applied in contact with reinforced concrete.




Data sheet


Argotec Plugging is suitable for the following tasks and applications:
Plugging water routes.
Sealing cracks in presence of water.


The approximate yield is 2 g/cm3 of backfilled volume.


20 kg sacks (800 kg pallet).


In the original container in a covered area, for up to 12 months.


Supports should be firm, clean and as rough as possible, free of dust, paint, oil, formwork remover, etc.

Instructions for use

1. Mix by hand the appropriate amount of material for the job with water, until a semi-compact mass is achieved.
2. Immediately apply the mixture straight onto the water route, until hydration and hardening is complete.
3. Repeat the process until the water route has been completely plugged.


Do not apply onto gypsum-based surfaces.
Do not apply onto supports or parts with poor or zero absorption.
Do not apply at extreme temperatures (below 5 ║C or above 35 ║C).
Protect from wind and direct sunlight.

Do not remix or add more water to any mortar that has lost its consistency.


Technical Data

Apparent paste density (g/cm│): 1.9
Workability time (secs): Approx. 30

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